Welcome to Loiswell Academy


Our Curriculum

The curriculum at Loiswell is integrated and reaches across disciplines to give children opportunities to learn, build on and develop new skills. We use innovative techniques to develop life skills, values and give information that will empower each pupil to successfully integrate into the society. We use the 8-4-4 System of education for our Upper Primary grade 4-8 as we embrace the new Competency Based Curriculum in our Pre-School and Lower Primary.

Our Ways

Our focus is to mould the mind and touch the heart of each individual pupil. Our method is engaging and responsive to each child’s needs at every stage of development. It recognizes the uniqueness of each individual and priority is given to helping every pupil develop socially, spiritually, emotionally, academically and physically. Our parents and teachers are actively involved in the pupil’s learning. Learning at Loiswell is fun!

Hunt Club

Treasure Hunt Club

Treasure Hunt Club was born out of a need to develop all rounded learners. Children have the ability to learn new skills at a tender age. Majority of the children spend most weekends on video games, T.V programs or computers. While this is good, it is important that they learn practical life skills and handicraft for example Bible class, cookery, crocheting, needle work, farming, washing and many more.

These activities are done on Saturdays and during holidays. Through these activities, we have been able to identify and nurture talents within the children..


Extra-curricular activities

At Loiswell, we believe extra-curricular activities play a very important role in the life of the pupils. We have managed to incorporate both curricular and extra-curricular activities in our PASS programs.

P-Physical (P.E., Acrobats, Games, Cross-Country, Clubs)
A-Academic (Benchmarking with star schools, Participation in joint exams)
S-Spiritual (Pastoral Program Instruction, joint prayers, fellowship)
S-Social (Interactions with our own and other children, homely and friendly environment)
We therefore offer a variety of activities that include: National Drama Festivals, debate club, NEWS (Nature, Environment, Wildlife and Social) Club, Agribusiness Club, Art Club, Treasure Hunt club, inter-house games competition, girl guides and scouts, acrobatics, music, dance, guidance & counseling, PPI (Programmes of Pastoral Instruction), swimming among others.